What Are the Similarities Between Forex and Crypto Trade

Forex is a digital market, and cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Forex operates on the internet virtually non-stop (from Monday to Friday, 24/), giving us better access to the market and chances for everyone all over the world, who has internet access. This means they haven't actually been a part of the crypto trading world, and they just took some pieces of puzzles they overheard or saw online. You will often hear people mentioning Forex as it's another term for cryptocurrencies.


University brings stock market learning to life

Hilary Duckett, Head of the Plymouth Business School, said: "The Bloomberg Interactive Learning Suite allows students to research fields such as corporate finance, derivative markets, portfolio and risk analytics, real time data and investment simulations. Students from Plymouth University are using up-to-the-minute data to tap directly into the pace and excitement of the financial markets. The Plymouth Business School has teamed up with finance and media company Bloomberg to create an interactive learning suite accessible to those on a range of business courses. It enables them to develop their analytical skills, enhance their decision making using real time data and prepares students for a challenging employment marketplace.