There's No Better Time to Be an Amateur Radio Geek

Two-way handheld radios could have provided a backup option, and some GMRS radios can transmit text messages and GPS locations, though only to other GMRS radios, not to cellphones or computers.

Another option for two-way radio communication is Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS), which you may know as CB radio.

In 1996 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorized the Family Radio Service (FRS), which designated special radio frequencies for walkie-talkies so users can communicate without interference from radio stations or cordless phones.

FRS and GMRS are both walkie-talkies, but GMRS radios have the potential for increased range and clarity due to better antennas, higher transmit power, and access to repeaters.

One license covers an entire family, though operators must be over 18.

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